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Welcome at AME International

   AME International is a well established company in Portugal and is specialized in building
   prefabricated wooden (timber) houses and Swiss cottages, anywhere in Portugal.
   Our company has more then 30 years experience in construction of these wooden houses and
   wooden chalets.
   These prefabricated houses and Swiss cottages are manufactured to the Canadian design and
   made from Scandinavian timber.
   Besides the original models, it is also possible to have these houses custom designed.
   These solid wooden houses are covered with Portuguese rooftiles.
   The concrete foundation can be finished off with slate, granite, rock or cobblestone.
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   This makes it an excellent living accommodation, in this beautiful
   Portuguese landscape.
   In many countries are these wooden houses and wooden chalets very
   common, because of the healthy and comfortable living style.
   The advantages are:

  1. Solid but light (weight) wood construction, so there is no need for very heavy foundation.
  2. It is a nature product and has an environment friendly construction style.
  3. It also has a very good insulation factor, for as well sound as temperature.
  4. It can be build quite fast (approx. 6 weeks after delivery assembly)
  5. Very attractive pricing

    AME International has an excellent working relation with local governments and local architects.
    All the necessary building permits, drawings, legal matters etc. are taken care off.
    Our company can also assist you with  buying of real property on which you like to build.
    In cooperation with the local real estate companies, notary public, lawyers and registrars we
    can also assist you by private sales.

    All it takes, is one call to us for more information, without any obligation,  to having your
    own dream house.

    And also, a second house in Portugal is a very good investment.     Taxes are low.
    The local people are loyal and very friendly.


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           For more information or requests, without any obligation,
           please contact us at:
 copyright@AME International