One of the most important and prerequisite for building a house,
      is a good foundation.

            House_6125-smThis supports the whole building!

      On your property, the location of the building site is measured and layed out,
      after which the excavators do their work.

     Below you can see how this is done by our highly skilled craftsmen and
     how for each house, a foundation of reinforced concrete is poured, with all the
     requisites that belongs to it.

        Everything exactly at your wishes!

House_5936-S House_5940-S
House_5995-S House_6008 (10)-S
House_6008 (8)-S
House_6125-S House_6143-S
House_6164-S House_6181-S
House_6186-S House_6230-S
House_6270-S House_6277-S
House_6251-S House_6290-S
House_6289-S House_7037-S
House_7030-S House_7024-S

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